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Jack Daniels Zippo Lighter

This beautiful Jack Daniels Zippo lighter is produced of stainless steel with an elegant satin chrome finish, it is top-quality for your favorite you will desire the looks and use of this lighter.

Zippo Jack Daniels Lighter

This top-notch piece of Zippo lighter Jack Daniels memorabilia is from the time period when Zippo lighter Jack Daniels was popularized by and in their novel "the unequaled gatsby", the plot of the novel involves a poor young man, tom, who is sent to prison for a period of time for the murder of a young man in the same city. Tom's brother-in-law, a man who is out of prison, offers to help tom get out of prison, and in doing so, darkens tom's life, the man tells tom his story of how he got Zippo and Zippo lighter, and Zippo Jack Daniels lighter. The Zippo Jack Daniels lighter is manufactured of chrome-plated silver and provides the no, 7 Zippo lighter Jack Daniels logo on it. This sensational piece of Zippo lighter Jack Daniels memorabilia is an unequaled addition to each Zippo player's collection, the new, original Zippo lighter Jack Daniels logo is now available in street chrome 24779. This amazing Zippo lighter is sure to become a popular addition to your street chrome collection, it's fantastic for cutting loose in a good time, and it's part of the Jack Daniels brand. This Zippo lighter is in excellent condition with tags or other decorations, it extends the original black pewter Jack Daniels emblem on the front and back of the case. There is a small mark on the top left side of the case from where the case was stored, but it is nothing major, the flame gives not broken off and the match ignites easily. The flame is furthermore very facile to find and looks like it gives never been used, this Zippo lighter is brand new and extends the original box and tag. The Jack Daniels Zippo lighter is a first-class substitute to enjoy a smoke without giving up your fire, this classic design features a no. 7 logo in the center of the lighter that allows others to see you toast your smoking hot cigarettes in under five minutes.