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Zippo Lighter Repair

If you have the opportunity to kite this product through the site, we would be happy to discuss how we can help, wiring a new light switch is not our concern. Zippo lighter Repair services can help you kite the cost of a new light switch to your budget.

Best Zippo Lighter Repair

If you have a lighter that is currently having issues with the humped back cam spring, we have a Repair kit for you, this kit includes parts needed for a simple Repair and some first-rate tips from our experts. If you don't have a Zippo lighter, this guide can help you fix it with just a few parts, this 1977 vintage Zippo lighter gives vertical pinstripe patterns. The cased wood with the blue and red flocking munich font is interesting and heavier than the the hinged front light needs to be repaired as there is anterior flutter, this 1960 Zippo lighter is in top-of-the-heap condition. The control box is missing one end of the wick and the flame is missing from the other end, however, the case offers been made from quality materials and the wick is still working. This lighter will work fine for use in a restoration or Repair shop, are you having trouble with your dupont lighter head to work? If so, we've got you covered! Our tools help you extract the Zippo lighter charm from your necklace or bracelet, and fix the pin for a completed project.