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Evans Lighter

This table lighter is a classic, yet so very powerful tool, it comes with a set of gold enamel brass matchboxes that make a top gift.

Vintage Evans Table Lighter
- Mcm Sculptural Bust
Cigarette Case

Vintage Evans Ornate Metal Combo

By Unbranded/Generic


Evans Lighters Value

The cigarette lighter is a classic design with a checkered fabric background and blue and logos, these cigarettes are often used by current and former american military members to keep their place of service clean and safe. This cigarette case and lighter is a beautiful, vintage piece, it features a mother of pearl gold tone cigarette lighter and it is making a beneficial addition to collection. The lighter was created in 1950 s by it is a rare vintage antique whit enamel egg table lighter, this was used by a luxury customer to watch the clock. The table had a small hole in it so that you could see the time, the key piece of the lighter is the egg which is enameled and it is a beautiful color. This lighter company set of table chemistry lighters is a valuable example of how the latest art deco trend is being used as an inspiration for classic american life, the bright, colorful, and often cheap-looking models are interesting outgrowth of the then-new art of table lighting. This set includes a single table lighter with an ashtray and a set of desk blotter graduated light switchers, the of these features, the set includes one designates a "vintage" or "analog" character in each set. The light switchers are made of high-quality plastic and the table surface is in a particularly high-quality condition with no chips, or other flaws, there are abouts of similar set for other channels (like incandescent, sylvania, and even flame-retardant types), but this one is a sensational value for the price.