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Wholesale Cigarette Lighters

Introducing the Wholesale Cigarette lighters pack! We offer a sterling substitute to get your hands on some fresh smokes, or not! This set of two comes with a display stand and is ideal for use in-store or while travelling, plus, for when you need a quick and straightforward surrogate to show your product's latest sales, look no further.

For Women

Lot of 3 Funny Standard

By Unbranded


S + Storm King + Pee Bee - * Risque *


By Bentley + Storm King + Pee Bee + Wiz


& Key Chain
Gold And Silver
S Windproof Jet Cigar Cigarette Pack 2

HONEST Three Torch Blue Flame

By Honest Lighters


S Bj-38, Bj-uzi, 38 Sheriff...

Vintage Wholesale Lot of 115

By Unbranded




By Unbranded


1000 Lighters

The Cigarette Wholesale disposable lighters pack with display stand is a peerless substitute to keep your cigarettes fresh and in demand, with 25 pieces of disposable lighters, you'll be able to light up to 25 people in the most popular areas with this unique package. This is a Wholesale black metal Cigarette lighter cover sleeve case holder for your device, it is a practical way to protect your device and show off your quality products. This product is manufactured of durable black metal and is a best-in-class addition to your product line, this package includes 10 disposable Cigarette lighters with different styles and colors. They are all different sizes and styles, making it an exceptional gift for your favorite this is a Wholesale Cigarette lighter set, this is a set of 50 Cigarette classic cigar smoking lighters. These are full size cigar smoking lighters that are first-rate for any gift or for use as a natural gift for any occasion, these Cigarette lighters are first-class alternative to show your gift giving skills and also to make any gift stand out.