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Vintage Colibri By Kreisler Lighter

Introducing an exceptional add-on for any fire-brand: the Vintage Colibri lighter, made with the star pattern chrome design, this keychain is practical for any fire-brand user who loves the look and function of a traditional lighter. Plus, the Vintage Colibri keychain is a top addition to each fire-brand collection.

VINTAGE 7 LOT - OBO Colibri By Kreisler, Zippo,  Ronson,Pierre Cardin SOLD AS IS


By Unbranded


Mid Century Modern West Germany Wood

Vintage Colibri By Kreisler Table



Best Vintage Colibri By Kreisler Lighter

This is a Vintage lot of 3 Colibri By lighter insoles west they are old style but still effective way of keeping your fire lit during those colder days By firewood, this is a fantastic Vintage cigarette lighter By that was used in the west german system to deliver cigarettes. The design is outdated and the construction not up to today's standards, only a few used lighters remain of this type, so you can enjoy your cigarettes with a little bit of privacy. This is a Vintage Colibri By table black enamel lighter, this is a beautiful table top lighter from the early 70's. It is produced of silver gold leaf and gives a modern scouring box, the light is in splendid condition and works great. It is probably the best deal you will ever find on a Vintage Colibri light.