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Vietnam War Lighters

Vietnam War lighters is an unique and unique collection of early Vietnam War lighters, this is a top-of-the-heap set for any military or history enthusiast. The lighters are made of fresh, natural wood and have the beautiful, patina, they are in practical condition and come in a perfect, new, british box.

Mint In Box

Vietnam Zippo Lighter

The Vietnam zippo lighter is a history-inspired product that offers a prompt and uncomplicated solution to the everyday issue of lighter fluid leakage, this zippo is mint in the box and comes with a history of quality service in the pros. The Vietnam zippo lighter is a classic product that offers a mix of history and modern day performance, this lighter is produced with in-house made zippo lighter fluid and comes with an 30-day warranty. It offers a mix of history and modern day performance and is manufactured with in-house made zippo lighter fluid, this is a top-rated opportunity to own a zippo lighter from the Vietnam era. It gives the vet-dated design and is in outstanding condition, this one is for your desk in honor of your loved ones. The Vietnam War heritage series was a marketing campaign by zippo lighter mint in a box, the lighter was made in collaboration with mint mintage of. 30-30 winchester ammunition, the campaign was conducted in collaboration with mints and marketing team. The lighter was made in the united states of america, the lighter was made with the intention of being a popular item in the mint's collection. The box was sold at hobby stores and cost $50, the box and the lighter were also included in the mint's archives. The lighter was lost in the mail and its original box and case were included in the mint's collection, the Vietnam lighter is a rare and unique tool used in the valley of death. It is a mint in this little minta gives been used once and is in unequaled condition, it is fabricated from bamboo, so it lasts a long time. This lighter is a beneficial addition to each collection.