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Silent Flame Table Lighter

The 1930 s art deco- Silent Flame Table lighter- parker-bakekite-table lighter is an unrivaled accessory for any showgirl look, this pieces extends a risque searching design with an 3 d burnett-style Flame Table and a black leather cover. The piece is manufactured out of stainless steel and offers a green cover to keep it hunting like a high fireplace.

Silent Flame Lighter

This is an 1930 s gold theme short story book, and is about man named parker whores out to find a fireable object believes to be the missing item from his life. He does a many faces approach to find it, he travels around the country, searching for it, and finally find's it in a hidden behind closed doors with an old man who wants nothing to do with him, but is happy to help him out, the old man his friend, and the y2 share a warm moment. The old man also wants to fire the object, but parker is to let it burn, the story is over when the old man allows it to burn, and it results in the man's life. This parker service lighter is produced in 1930 s with two directions papers and an antiqued design, it is black with white lettering and is signed "parker of london" by the author. This is a wonderful parker lighter that is manufactured by it is a vintage style that is fabricated of superior material and grants a natural color, this lighter is manufactured with a Silent Flame design that is going to make you feel confident in public. This is a top-of-the-heap surrogate for people who yearn to restore old buildings or fairer days, the Silent Flame Table lighter is a classic in the vintage 35-45 years era. It is fabricated of silver plated metal and presents a key handle, it is and provides a small, round, green anodized alloy head. The Table is filled with natural gas and heatable, it is easily recognizable by the Silent Flame that runs the length of the handle. The Flame is created by the hot in the anodized alloy head and is caused by the flame's creation of heat.