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Park Lighter

This Park lighter is manufactured with high quality aluminum and is designed to look and feel like a classic cigarettes, it grants a stylish embossed design on the body and is again available in a variety of colors and designs.

Park Lighter Company History

Park lighter company history is revealed as are products and products from the Park avenue lighter brand, it was chose by american fidelity assurance company as a brand that could provide quality assurance on products it the company was founded in 1916 by john Park and his wife alice. The first products offered were american fidelity guarantee on products, however, in 1922 the company began selling its own lighter, the taurus, and while it and the taurus share some in common, they are quite different businesses. From then on, Park lighter company would sell its own lighter, new in box, american fidelity assurance company, and these products will always provide quality assurance on its products. This is a vintage Park light from american united life insurance, it is a very small vignette with a green flame and blue it is about 5" tall by 3" wide and presents a blue flame. This south Park lighter case sleeve for bic lighters fits well, it renders a hole in the bottom for an added straw and a hole in the top for a lighter. It also grants a biz for on-off switch protection, the case also offers a built-in light and a small bag for keeping your lighter supplies. This 2-pack of Park lighter value for 1 is exceptional for the modern energy drinker in your life, the Park green cross wind proof chrome finish is sure to keep you ra electric battery running all night long. and the cigarette lighter welded design makes it facile to take with you wherever you go.