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Cigarette Lighter Usb Adapter

This Cigarette lighter Usb Adapter will help you connect to devices that need a power of 3 or 12 volts, it also splits the cost of charging based on country, so you can always be covered if your device runs on batteries.

USB PD 30W Type-C Car Charger Fast Charge Adapter For iPhone 13 12 11 Pro Max

USB PD 30W Type-C Car

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Socket Splitter Dual Usb Charger Power Adapter 12-24v

3Way Car Cigarette Lighter Socket



Socket Splitter Dc 12v
USB Car Charger Adapter For iPhone 13 12 11 Pro Max XS XR 8 Fast Charging Cable
Dc Power Charger Adapter

1x Lot Color NEW USB

By Unbranded/Generic


Splitter Usb Charger Adapter 12v 120w

4 Way Multi Socket Car

By Unbranded


Charger 3 Way Socket Splitter Dc 12/24 V Adapter

Cigarette Lighter To Usb

This dual port charger is first-class for charging your iphone while you go, it renders two charging ports so you can power up your phone at home or in the car. The Adapter also extends a built-in battery so you can stay charged even when the power goes out, the replace Cigarette lighter with Usb port is practical for when you need a power up to the car. Thedual Usb type-c car charger can power your iphone through the car'svecous power, plus, it comes with an 45 w fast charging Adapter for smartphones as well. This dual Cigarette lighter socket is enticing for 12 v car cigarettes, it extends an 2. 1 an Usb port and 12 v car cigarettes socket so you can pack your charging supplies tight, the led power is unrivalled for when you're trying to be ignition a fire. This Usb to Cigarette lighter socket is top-grade for connecting to an 3 rd-party charger, the compatible charger can provide 12 v outlet power for your car. The tank is furthermore now available as a power Adapter for the car.