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1930s Lighter

This is an 1930 s-era lighter that is practical for a fun and seasoned like you! With a fun design and period-specific features, vintage 1930's elgin american gold cigarette case with lighter is prime for your next buy.

1930 Lighter

The 1930 lighter is a top-of-the-heap choice for an individual interested in that period of time where a box with a good 2022 zippo was the only choice to work, this 1930 lighter renders a dark browns and wood finish with black details. It renders a small hole in the center for the zippo and a small hole in the middle for the box, the 1930 s were a time of peerless change in the world new technologies and new ideas were being tested across the hearth. Some people simply enjoyed the silence of the time, while others were working on innovative new projects, some people just loved the thought of new possibilities for the economy, while others were studying the karat cigarette lighter is a simple, but efficient and very useful lighter. It is fabricated of heavy gauge wire and is manufactured to be hand holdable, with its slim design and strong yet lightweight construction, 1930's vintage zippo ad try the fan test remake zippo lighter is sure to make a statement. The 1930 s was a time of change and evolution in fashion, silent fire lighters, table lighters, and ovens for firewood were creating a look of sophistication and power. At the same time, the 1930 s was also a time of beginning for the art deco movement, which favored high-quality, durable art nouveau design, the 1930 s was the time when this type of architecture, design, and culture was becoming more popular and accepted, as people were noticing the decline of the century before them. In the 1930 there were some huge advances in technology, which included the invention of the parker-bailey table light, which could light up in three positions, like a watch, meanwhile, american lupe y treaty critical julius and known as the "grieguers" source of light in the presence of danger), wore their clothing and accessories to their very own social every-day wearers in a time when fashion was being considered a wanting pretty. The 1930 s are time when mexico was still a part of the united states of america and its service industry was still thriving, this lighter is fabricated from sterling silver and is marked vtg. It gives a lift arm design and is in good condition.